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CMFI - Pathfinders

CMFI - Pathfinders

It is the night of July 9th, 1943. The invasion of Sicily is about to begin. The rest of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne division are due to start the invasion shortly after midnight but first a team of pathfinders must mark the drop zone (DZ). How the pathfinders perform in this mission will help determine the course of the airborne operations and indeed the invasion.

The real landings on Sicily were preceded by airborne operations and the British tried out the idea of using pathfinders but the US did not. It was a learning experience. The first time the US used pathfinders was as part of the invasion of the mainland Italy. However in that example the drop was behind friendly lines and was to reinforce the beach head. The lessons learned from the pathfinder drops as part of the invasion of Sicily and those to reinforce the mainland beach head informed the way the pathfinder airborne drops were conducted for operation Overloard.

This is a fictitious scenario: what if the US used pathfinders preceding the airborne operations inSicily.

It is playable only as the US vs the AI.

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Operational map Overview Rural area east of Gela Bridge overlooking Creek House along the high way